Ashadeepa Champions.

Ashadeepa Champions – Our Very Own Heroes Who Defy Disability

As an NGO working with people with disability (PwD) for almost 15 years, we don't believe in words such as disabled and handicapped. We find these words limiting and even offensive because we see persons with disability work, play and live with grit, tenacity and joy every day. We see heroic stories in our line of work every day. And we also have our very own heroes and heroines - the Ashadeepa.

Case study :

Sumeetra, Therapist, InclusiveEducation programme at Ashadeepa Org.

Affected by polio at the age of 3 years, sumeetra, had difficulty accessing education. She took an education in her own city ilkal. Her family economic condition is very poor but with this condition she finished her degree in BA. After The BA she came to our Ashadeepa org. for computer training. After the training we sent for RCI Course at APD, Bangalore. She completed RCI Course and now she is working as a coordinator in our Inclusive education.

Sumeetra Mantra

If someone tells you 'NO' take it as a challenge and replace it with 'YES'.

Prakash Goudar

Prakash Goudar is suffering from Speech and hearing problem by birth. He took is education in his village. Now days speech and hearing problem persons are wont get proper education but he decided to go higher education so he went to Mysore for the higher education. During the higher education he got many problems. After finishing his higher education he got job at Ashadeepa as a deaf role model in Inclusive education.

Prakash Goudar

Don’t blame others whether you have a disability or not.

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