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About ashadeepa Organization.

About Ashadeepa


Ashadeepa Angavikalara Sarva Abhiwruddhi Seva Samsthe is a non-profit organization based out of Bagalkot district. Founded in 2004, we have worked extensively over the last 15 years to reach out and rehabilitate People with Disability and Women from the under privileged segment. Organization was started in 2004 with the group of like-minded young people with disability, with the vision overall empowerment of disabled people. Most members of our team are people with disabilities who adequately illustrate that abilities can be achieved through education and right opportunities.

Our main vision is to empower persons with disabilities to become contributing members of the society and to lead life with dignity. We intensively work in the grass root level for the development of marginalized group in the community especially Women and People with Disabilities.

Our network is spread across Bagalkot district, where we have on-going programs and initiatives. We are associated with voluntary organizations across Karnataka, whom we work with on various initiatives. We also conduct training sessions to educate and equip all stakeholders in the district on rehabilitation and therapy for the disabled. Ashadeepa creates plat form to people with disabilities on developing their skills on training through computer education, English communication and career guidance. It also organizes training programmes like weaving, tailoring, Agarbhathi, candle making, and mobile servicing by networking with other organization and providing support for self-employment.

In memorable day of World Disabilities Day celebration our Ashadeepa organization received the State award – 3rd Dec 2013 from Govt. of Karnataka. Awarded by Ms.Umashree Minister, Women and Child Development Department, Bangalore. On a same day of 2016 our honourable president Mr Raghu N Hubblli received State Award from Govt. of Karnataka. Awarded by Ms.Umashree Minister Women and Child Development Department, Bangalore.

We introduced several new concepts and improvised a few old ones. We saw innovations taking place in strengthening of processes, collaborations and revamping of several operational areas. Most importantly the core aim to ensure and improve quality to reach more people with disabilities continued as a touch stone of our activities, thinking and day to day working. Ashadeepa Organization at a strategic level to interact and contribute to government policies and practices for disability sector. We invested in dedicated resources, enhanced our network and relationship, and strengthened partnership with Disabled People Organizations (DPOs), Government and institutions. We worked closely with 5 Government departments and sought their collaboration for new initiatives and projects to enhance the reach in new geographies. Ashadeepa Organization introduced project oriented approach to provide a structured framework for implementing projects. It resulted in better execution, higher impact. It lead to improvement in our services and built our leaders competency for effective project planning, tracking and execution.

We enhanced our focus, efforts and resources to address development of persons with speech and hearing disability in education and livelihood programs. We realigned our Livelihood, Education, women empowerment, health programs to improve productivity of resources and leading to better impact for our beneficiaries. Building organization structure and systems got a special focus to ensure Ashadeepa organization growth is managed efficiently and effectively. Special efforts were put in Human Resource development, Finance management and Marketing. The team Ashadeepa organization worked together with the support of our kind donors, parents of the PwDs, Government to make a value-add and a positive difference in lives of 2,000 PwDs

Implemented programmes in association with

In collaboration with women and child welfare dept, Karnataka. we have a women’s help line Mahila Santwan.

In collaboration with National trust we are started Disha Project

In collaboration with APD we are running Early Intervention and early education Program

In collaboration with APD we are running Inclusive education programme

In collaboration with Trust for Retailer and Retail association running Residential Skill development program which has been funded by American India foundation {AIF} and Youth for Jobs{Y4J}

In collaboration with District disability and Senior Citizen welfare department we Issue Senior Citizen ID Card and facilitate for other Social security schemes

In collaboration with NABARD we are running Self Help Group for women empowerment.

We worked with Samrthanam trust for computer skills to Youths with disability

We are implemented many programmes so far for community welfare with various organizations. This year we are implementing progrrnmes which given bellow

1.Inclusive Education Despite the Right to Education (RTE), many children with disability (CwD) are unable to receive an education because of financial hardship, inaccessibility in mainstream schools, and lack of sensitization to their needs. While there are policies to ensure education for all, implementation models are inadequate. Without comprehensive education, the future of underprivileged children with special needs is impaired. Ashadeepa organization and association of people with disability has implementing this programme in Hungund, kustagi and lingsuru Taluku and providing service to 220 differently abled people. With Ashadeepa Inclusive Education program, we impact the lives of thousands of children while building the capacity of various stakeholders such as parents, siblings, peers, teachers, and government officials

2. Early Intervention programme: Early Intervention Service is special Services for infants and toddlers at risk for developmental delays. These services are designed to identify and meet children’s need in 7 development areas. These are Physical, Cognition, Sensory, Communication, Social emotional and ADLS. Ashadeepa is the one of the organization to implement the Early Identification and Early Intervention programme. This programme helped & motivated parents to develop their children over all rehabilitation early ages especially in remote villages.

3 women’s help line: All women and minors, who may find themselves in any dangerous situation, can refer to the Women's Help lines should help in places where there are no accessible or working help lines. Ashadeepa organizations can provide with all kinds of assistance (police protection, legal help etc.) the main Vision is to Empowered women living with dignity and contributing as equal partners in development in an environment free from violence and discrimination.

4. Retail training: PANKH associated with TRRAIN and Our Ashadeepa organizations are organized Retail training for disable people across the Bagalkot district and nearby the district village’s people have these opportunities. This is basic Computer, spoken English, Retail and life skills trainings classes up to 2 months. After this training many persons with disabilities got the jobs in various shops, companies, NGOs in Hunagund Taluka.

5. SHG NABARD: Ashadeepa organization has covered 850 women’s in 60 Women’s self-help groups in Hunagund taluk. The main vision is “to know basic concept of the business for survive their daily life”. It will keep their life in better way. Our organization will provide loans through NABARD for business or their works, which will helps to provide basic needs and survive their daily life with dignity. They will concentrate on Savings, meetings, mutual helps in the groups etc

Thank you for your kindness dear Donors