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Community Based Rehabilitation Program

In community based programmes the person with disability, the family, the community, and health professionals collaborate to provide needed services in community where services for disabled persons are seriously limited or absent. In this context, CBR Programme appropriate in addressing the needs of the disabled. Its essential feature is its focus on partnership and community participation. Main objective is Community Based Rehabilitation recognizes the need to work for equality of status and opportunities for the person with disability.
Impacted on 184 lives of persons with disabilities by various support service in the year 2020-2021.
  • Physical & Medical reintegration
  • Counselling
  • Equalization of varied opportunities
  • Physio-speech therapy Health referrals & linkage for health benefits
  • Occupational therapy & vocational training
  • Social inclusion
  • Audiology & mobility aids
  • Assistance for availing govt. schemes benefits
  • Information, education & communication
  • Family support through capacity building
  • Assistance for social security & registration
  • Awareness