Ashadeepa Ethics and values.

About Ashadeepa

Organization Ethics :

To empower persons with disabilities and women to become contributing members of the society and to lead life with dignity

Our Values

Integrity:Integrity: Act honestly, ethically, and responsibly in all aspects, adhering to principles of fairness, reliability, loyalty, and lawfulness.

Empathy:Empathy: Be sensitive to feelings, thoughts, emotions, and experiences by developing the capacity to place oneself in another’s position, understand their perspective, appreciate, and respond with care.

Accountability:Demonstrate responsibility, transparency, and commitment to the highest standards of openness, professionalism, and integrity with all stakeholders such as PwDs, community members, donors, government, and vendors. Enable a space to voice concerns in a responsible and effective manner.

Collaboration: Commit to participatory processes, knowledge sharing, team work, consensus building, and seeking internal and external stakeholders to achieve our stated purpose.

Excellence: Demonstrate excellence in process, product, and service delivery. Listen to the recipient’s voice. Commit to continuous improvement and innovation by developing a conductive environment for individuals to realize their potential.

Diversity:Nurture an internal ecosystem where people of diverse genders, cultures, abilities, views, and needs are respected, and given equal opportunities thus creating a harmonious and inclusive work environment

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