Asadeepa projects


Early Intervention programme

Early Intervention Service is special Services for infants and toddlers at risk for developmental delays. These services are designed to identify and meet children’s need in 7 development areas. These are Physical, Cognition, Sensory, Communication, Social emotional and ADLS. Ashadeepa is the one of the organization to implement the Early Identification and Early Intervention programme. This programme helped & motivated parents to develop their children over all rehabilitation early ages especially in remote villages..


Inclusive education

Deaf education is the education of students with any manner of hearing impairment which addresses their differences and individual needs. This process involves individually-planned, systematically-monitored teaching methods, adaptive materials, accessible settings and other interventions designed to help students achieve a higher level of self-sufficiency and success in the school and community than they would achieve with a typical classroom education. A number of countries focus on training teachers to teach deaf students with a variety of approaches and have organizations to aid deaf students.


Women’s Help Line

All women and minors, who may find themselves in any dangerous situation, can refer to the Women's Help lines should help in places where there are no accessible or working help lines. Ashadeepa organizations can provide with all kinds of assistance (police protection, legal help etc.) the main Vision is to Empowered women living with dignity and contributing as equal partners in development in an environment free from violence and discrimination. Now a day women has faced many problem in society such as Dowry, Domestic Violence, inequality in education, Child marriage problem, sexual harassment, and Domestic violence in the family. The organization giving awareness among community people about women harassment and legal advice and provides counseling for women who faced problem in her day today life in the society.


Retail Management Training

Training philosoph

We are implementing skill development program association with PANK. Retail training for disable people across the Bagalkot district and nearby the district village’s people has these opportunities. This is basic Computer, spoken English, Retail and life skills trainings classes up to 2 months. After this training we help to get jobs in various shops, companies, NGOs .Especially Our organization focuses on the overall development of the personality of the students by combining intense academic work with a wide verity of extra –curricular Activities .The curriculum is detailed and approved by the Healthcare Sector skill methodology adopted synergies sound instruction with relevant exposure in the use of Audios Video aids , Group discussions ,Charts, Role plays and hands on training in the skill computer lab .the students are also trained in work place readiness stress management, grooming ,life skills ,soft skills and

Functional English, Methodologies used include: Stimulations Discussions analysis of case studies Participatory learning E learning Capacity building in English Extra –curricular group activities Interactive sessions on personality development On –job training through internships



Training philosoph

Ashadeepa organization has working with 60 Women’s self help groups in Hunagund taluk. The main vision is “to know basic concept of the business for survive their daily life”. It will keep their life in better way. Our organization will provide loans through NABARD for business or their works, which will helps to provide basic needs and survive their daily life with dignity. They will concentrate on Savings, meetings, mutual helps in the groups etc



Training philosoph

This scheme aims at setting up Disha Centers for early intervention for Person with Disability (PWD) in 0-10 years of age covered under the National Trust Act, through therapies, trainings and providing support to family members. Ashadeepa Angavikalara Sarva Abhiwruddhi Seva Samsthe has providing Day care facilities in their Disha Centre at Ilkal head office and it’s covering entire Hunagund taluk Bagalkot District. Already 20 children have enrolled to this scheme and daily they taking activity based therapy in Disha Center by the staff.
Disha Life Institute is a parent-led society school for autism spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy, multiple disabilities and mentally retarded persons. Registered under National trust Act, endorsed with Persons with Disabilities Act, Dish Life Institute runs a regular school plan under National Trust of Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India. Persons with Disabilities undergo special education, dance and music therapy, sensory activities, occupational therapy, applied behavior analysis, physiotherapy and speech therapy by trained therapists and pathologists and educators. Distinguished board members including physicians, mentors and psychologists periodically assess the physiological, educational and psychological development of the persons with disabilities.
Apart from running a regular school for these differently Abled children, this organization does its level best to provide support for social security, mental trauma and trivial family issues that are common to these ill-fated families.  Therefore this organization acts as a welfare family where parents of these children with disabilities can find a mental shelter. Together, we devote ourselves to the welfare of the differently abled with an exclusive and effective center for facilitating the Divyangjan of the society. We help in empowering them by maintaining an interactive data bank providing information so as to get equal opportunities of employment, educational skills, competency building, and organizing health check-up camps and also to provide the necessary equipment for them so that they should earn their livelihood and be a part of the society with dignity.  This organization observes Teachers' Day on 5th September, International Day of Autism Spectrum Disorder on 2nd April, International day of Cerebral Palsy on 3rd October and International Week of Persons with Disabilities.


We champion the rights and interests of all people with Autism, Asperger’s, Dyslexia, etc. and aim to provide these individuals and their families with help, support and services that they can access, trust and rely upon, which can make positive difference in their lives. Our mission is Inclusion, Mainstreaming and Segregation for betterment.


Disha Life Institute’s mission is to empower people with disabilities through its rehabilitation and development center. Every child has the right to education with an acceptable level of learning. Disha Institute first took shape as a charitable organization, fulfilling categorical needs to individuals with physical and mental disabilities. It was founded with concepts and agony of some parents of five autistic, Mentally Retarded and Cerebral Palsy children. Impact generation:- The impact of negative attitudes is also evident at policy level, in legislation, and in school practice. Education officials, teachers and NGOs need to develop a sound understanding of disability as a social challenge – it is about lack of opportunities for disabled children to develop their full potential and participate in society – rather than seeing disabled children as children who ‘lack’ some skills or abilities. Only when this concept is grasped will individuals and organizations involved in education recognize their responsibility for helping to break the cycle of negative attitudes and segregation.  Disha life institute has started functioning since early part of 2010 with five special children and their parents. One parent has donated a piece of land and we built a temporary structure over it. In the year of 2014 we have got accommodation in a Government school premises. And our beneficiaries count multiplied to triple. We have been registered to the National Trust in the year of 2016. We have started school in our own rented premises in 2016. We have started Disha for early intervention and Vikaas for Day care school. Our children count touched 50. We have started Niramaya, a reimbursement scheme under Oriental Insurance. Baby count reaches to 90. We have started Sahayogi scheme for mother's awareness. 50 more parents came and trained. We have organized a computer center for differently abled babies. We have already got a piece of land from Municipality and we are developed that as it for a Vocational Training Center.

Thank you for your kindness dear volunteers