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Livelihood Support for People with Disability

Despite the implementation of The Persons with Disability Act, 1995 (revised in 2016), people with disability (PwDs) struggle to get jobs. Presently, there are many skilled and semi-skilled jobs across industries that can be performed by PwDs. But there is a lack of awareness and sensitivity among recruiters, poor job-readiness of the PwDs themselves along with lack of awareness and training in required skills.Ashadeepa works to mobilize marginalized youth with disability, train them through skill development course, and place them in jobs that are suitable to their qualification and ability. 
We are implementing skill development program association with PANK. Retail training for disable people across the Bagalkot district and nearby the district village’s people has these opportunities. This is basic Computer, spoken English, Retail and life skills trainings classes up to 2 months. After this training we help to get jobs in various shops, companies, NGOs .Especially Our organization focuses on the overall development of the personality of the students by combining intense academic work with a wide verity of extra –curricular Activities .The curriculum is detailed and approved by the Healthcare Sector skill methodology adopted synergies sound instruction with relevant exposure in the use of Audios Video aids , Group discussions ,Charts, Role plays and hands on training in the skill computer lab .the students are also trained in work place readiness stress management, grooming ,life skills ,soft skills and

Program Objective

Assist PwDs for gainful and sustainable employment in the mainstream workforce. Particularly focus on PwDs who drop out of the formal education system and are therefore excluded from Government and Non-governmental organization’s programs. 

Success Stories

Parasappa, with a locomotor disability, hails from Balkundi Tanda, Bagalkot District in Karnataka. His parents are agricultural labourers. After working some years for poor remuneration, Parasappa enrolled in Ashadeepa Livelliwood program.
After the program, he was placed in sodi sari center in Ilkal. parasappa is enjoying his financial independence and autonomy. he enjoys his work and looks forward to gaining experience in the organization.

Success Stories

Dyamavva, hailing from Bagalkot district of Karnataka, suffered from polio when she was 1-year old. Her family of 2 siblings and manage their family with daily wages. After completing her SSLC, Dyamavva was home bound till she found out about Ashadeepa through one of her friend
Dyamavva completed skill development program on Retail. The life skills, soft skills and confidence she gained helped her push forward and take job in department of differently abled and senior citizen, Bagalkot as a VRW (volunteer rehabitation worker in CMC ilkal . She earns a decent salary. She and her family are happy and proud.

Functional English, Methodologies used include:
Discussions analysis of case studies
Participatory learning
Capacity building in English
Extra-curricular group activities
Interactive sessions on personality development
On-job training through internships

Thank you for your kindness dear volunteers