Women Helpline

Women Helpline:

All women and minors, who may find themselves in any dangerous situation, can refer to the Women's Help lines should help in places where there are no accessible or working help lines. Ashadeepa organizations can provide with all kinds of assistance (police protection, legal help etc.) the main Vision is to Empowered women living with dignity and contributing as equal partners in development in an environment free from violence and discrimination. Now a day women has faced many problem in society such as Dowry, Domestic Violence, inequality in education, Child marriage problem, sexual harassment, and Domestic violence in the family. The organization giving awareness among community people about women harassment and legal advice and provides counselling for women who faced problem in her day today life in the society. 
The Women help Line is a service in Karnataka, India, to empower women from all forms of harassment and ensure their safety in society. Its provides immediate help to the harassed women suffering from an antisocial behaviour or any other format of assistance which is sought. This helpline handles the cases of offense against women and ensures speedy protection to women and girls.


• To provide toll-free 24-hours telecom service to women affected by violence

• Seeking support and information. to facilitate crisis and non-crisis intervention through referral to the appropriate

• Agencies such as police/Hospitals/Ambulance services/District Legal Service Authority (DLSA)/Protection Officer (PO)/OSC. To provide information about the appropriate support services, government

• schemes and programmes available to the woman affected by violence, in her particular situation within the local area in which she resides or is employed.


Any woman or girl facing violence within public or private sphere of life or seeking information about women related programmes or schemes.