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Early Intervention & Early Education

This program aims at promoting a child’s age appropriate growth and development and support families during the early critical years. Ensure early detection, intervention, provision of equal opportunities and social inclusion for the children.
Impacted on 130 lives of children with special needs in the year 2020-2021.
  • Comprehensive therapy
  • Mobility aids support
  • Medical & surgical intervention
  • A reference to nutrition rehabilitation
  • Guidance & support to families
  • Assistance to access various social security schemes
  • Promotion of self-advocacy
  • Information education & communication
  • Social inclusion & education support

Community Based Rehabilitation Program

In community based programmes the person with disability, the family, the community, and health professionals collaborate to provide needed services in community where services for disabled persons are seriously limited or absent. In this context, CBR Programme appropriate in addressing the needs of the disabled. Its essential feature is its focus on partnership and community participation. Main objective is Community Based Rehabilitation recognizes the need to work for equality of status and opportunities for the person with disability.
Impacted on 184 lives of persons with disabilities by various support service in the year 2020-2021.
  • Physical & Medical reintegration
  • Counselling
  • Equalization of varied opportunities
  • Physio-speech therapy Health referrals & linkage for health benefits
  • Occupational therapy & vocational training
  • Social inclusion
  • Audiology & mobility aids
  • Assistance for availing govt. schemes benefits
  • Information, education & communication
  • Family support through capacity building
  • Assistance for social security & registration
  • Awareness

Pankh Initiative of Skill Building & Job Placement

Pankh-Wings of Destiny is an initiative was launched by TRRAIN Mumbai, with an aim to train persons with disabilities by providing them with employment opportunities through skill building & ensure job linkage in the retail industry, self employment, and helping them live a life with dignity. Since 2016, Ashadeepa implements this program for youth with disabilities and successfully provided job linkage PW D’s to the various sector.
Trained 125 PwD’s and placed for jobs in retail sector successfully in the year 2020-2021.
  • Free skill building training
  • Free food & accommodation
  • Free of cost training materials
  • Offline training availability
  • Nurturing soft skills for employment
  • Graduation & Certification for trainee
  • Job linkage & placement benefits
  • Follow up support

Chief Minister Kaushalya Karnataka Yojane

Aided by Karnataka State Vocational Training & Skill Development Corporation Bengaluru, Scheme intend to provide training to the unemployed youth and provide job linkage in retail, electronic, private companies, data entry in public and private sector. Also encourage youths to establish self employment and promote independent life with social dignity.
Trained 90 school dropout youth and placed for jobs successfully in the year 2020-2021.
  • Free skill building training
  • Offline training availability
  • Nurturing soft skills for employment
  • Distributes state recognized certification
  • Assessment of trainees & Placement

Grave Se Program

Supported by EnAble India Bengaluru for building livelihood ecosystem for persons with disability through 10 days of class room training linkage under RSETI & RUDSETI Bagalkote for promoting wage and self employment. Under this initiative, PwD’s can avail various range of trainings based on their interest.
Programme recently get started in Bagalkote & Belagavi district by enrolling 25 PwD’s for wage and self employment training through RSETI Bagalkote & Belagavi.
  • 10 days of classroom training
  • Promote wage & self employment
  • Linkage & referral for livelihood opportunity
  • Promote & linkage for NREG rural livelihood
  • Bank linkage for loan assistance

Disha Scheme for Early Intervention & School Readiness Program

Supported by The National Trust Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment of Disabilities, under the scheme, we have provided free of cost pre-school education with transportation facility, nutrition and therapeutic support for Children with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation, and Multiple Disability & support their parents to assist in child developments.
12 children have successfully undergone preschool education with therapeutic intervention for achieving functional growth with nutrition and transportation facility free of cost service in 2020-21.
  • Therapeutic intervention
  • Physiotherapy
  • School readiness activities
  • Daily living & cognitive development activities
  • Free of cost nutrition & transportation
  • Aids & appliances
  • Family support service
  • Parent capacity building training
  • Health referrals
  • Linkage for Niramaya health insurance scheme
  • Assistance for social security & registration Social inclusion

Santwan Women Helpline-1098 (24X7 Service)

We provide free of cost & working 24X7 counselling, referral & rehabilitative services to women & girls who are the victims of atrocities and family maladjustment. Through the counselling & legal referrals the problems are diagnosed and efforts are made to reconcile families.
111 women with dowry & domestic issues were resolved & reintegrated with their families successfully in the year 2020-2021.
  • Counselling
  • Police & legal assistance
  • Solve domestic issues & reintegration with family
  • Sensitization on legal issues and law
  • Follow ups

Navajeevana Old Age Home for Aged Women

Ashadeepa proudly working for unsecured aged women at community, started implementation of senior centre care for neglected women especially. 34 aged women are resided and giving them free food, shelter care and more over protection and medical care as required timely living life with more comfort & securing. We also do organize Yoga, Meditation & Counselling for rebuilding confidence in their life.
12 aged and neglected women enrolled for program with free food, shelter, food, care and protection in 2020-2021. Admissions are increased gradually.
  • Free hygienic food & shelter
  • Health care & medical support
  • Yoga & meditation
  • Legal aid support if any threatens for property issues
  • Counselling & reintegration
  • Community sensitization